Craptastic Pressing

This was just another punch-the-clock session. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Dan John wrote an article that said something like out of every five sessions, one will be awesome, one will suck and three will be just average. This was one of the latter.

warmup – Cressey foam roll sequence with  PVC pipe and movements from DeFranco’s Agile Eight plus I hella rolled my feets on the tennis ball. I remembered to add a couple things I’ve noticed I personally have a problem with; stretched my femoral external rotators (put femurs into internal rotation) and did the sleeper stretch.

rack jerk: 135×3 (press, stocking feet), 185×3, 205×3, 225×3, 245×3, 255×1, slow pressed it out but got it. I think 245×3 was a rep PR, but I haven’t looked back through previous editions of Conor Attack!

bench press: 135×3, 185×3, 225×3, 275×3, 295×5, 315×3

4-board press: 315×4, 315×5 (wrist wraps)

dumbbell incline (one pin higher incline than last week): 85’sx3x10 superset with:

machine row: 90×10, 115×10, 140×10

ez bar extensions: 95x3x10 superset with:

ez bar curl: 105×10, 145×3, 115×10

incline GHR sidebend: 35x2x10

YTWL: green bands, two sets of 5

green band hammer curls and pressdowns, just did a ton of reps

I stetched my bis, shoulders lats and triceps. When I went home I had my normal proprietary Attack!-Shake and layed on my pvc pipe while I typed this out. I also chilled the apartment a little bit, put on some ambient music and lit a scented candle. I’m not quite up to using meditation cd’s and electrostim like Eric Talmant, but I’m working my way up.

Craptastic Pressing

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