First Week of Rep Bench Press

It’s weird to me doing sets of high reps without doing any heavy work. I don’t like it.

rack jerk: 135×3 (press). 185×3, 205×3, 225×3, 235×3

bench throws: empty bar x 2×3

bench press: 135×5, 185×5, 225×10, 275×9, 295×5

close grip bench: 225×8 with pauses

dumbbell incline: 110×6, 100×9, 90×10

machine rows: 90x3x10 holding top position for a momentary pause

skipped db extensions because my elbows have been giving me trouble. Same reason that I did more warm up reps on bench than normal.

ez bar curl: 95×10, 105x2x10

mini band pressdowns, on knees, just pumped out lots of reps and according to Kyle, looked like a kitten playing with yarn

GHR side bends: 25x3x10

YTWL – 5’sx15,8

I did some extra work rolling on the pvc pipe before and after training and I think it’s helping. Our female team mates have been hard to coordinate schedules with, but Kristen came in and got some work done pulling full deads from the floor. She’s a strong gal and could show a lot of our members a thing or two.

Kyle did a bunch of extra work stretching and using the pvc too and he’s starting to be able to get into a much better setup on the bench. I really hope this helps him blow up on the press.

First Week of Rep Bench Press

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