ConorAttack! is a Year Old!

I just thought I would let my readers know that ConorAttack! just completed it’s first full year of blogging. It’s been a good run, hasn’t it? I encourage you to read through the archives and have a laugh and try to find something to apply to your own training. After all, if this isn’t contributing anything to anyone, it really in’t worth doing.

Here are a few of my favorite posts so far:

Another Extra Workout and Training on the Road

Lumber Lifting, Lumbar Lifting, Supplements and Diatribes

Boards, Borgir, Burgers and Music to Move You

Flaccid Errectors, Benching and Lovin the Large Ladies

Does this make me a cardio bunny?

“Good” Cardio Session with a literary Conor-Attack featuring more swearing than usual and a Mega Hottie

Medical Adventure and Something I Hate About Weights

Meet PR’s – Boosh!

It’s Official: I’m going to Hell

Fat, Antifat and Paradigm Shifts

Damn, Y’all Are Fine As Hell!

For Reals Cardio… Or Not

GFH Bros!

Wow – Just Wow

Deadlift and Dead Accessory Day

ConorAttack! is a Year Old!

One thought on “ConorAttack! is a Year Old!

  1. Philipk says:

    Wow! one year. It was good reading all of the old blogs. I was a little upset that you didn’t include my great “pull up your nut sack and deadlift” comment. But otherwise Congrats! Who has made the most comments over the year. I bet it is Nenad!

    Peace out and hopefully we will see you sometime this week if my schedule doesn’t suck.

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