Finally, a Single… and It Sucked

I can definitely tell I squatted Saturday. I think I’ll be even better when I’m fresh.

weighted box jump: 30×3, 40×3, 50×3, 60×3

hang snatch: 135×3, 155×3, 165×1, 175×1, 185xmissx2 This was really close. I can pull it to my neck/chin, so I ought to be able to snatch this.

conventional deadlift: 405×1, 425×5, 475×3 (belt), 495×1, 515×1

reverse grip bench: 250x3x7

rack pull/shrug from just below knee: 225×5, 275×5, 325x3x5

GHR: bwx8x5 I really tried to straighten out in the bottom like Kyle keeps telling me.

pull-up: bwx1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2,2 + one eccentric with partner resistance and a 25# plate on my belt. I didn’t have a lot of juice left for that eccentric…

neck harness: 35x2x12 + neck flexions with a 5 pound plate

face pull: 7x2x12

prestretcher crunches: bwx3x15

I feel like this just isn’t that much volume and I’m taking too long to get it done. I don’t want to have to start timing my rest between sets, but if I don’t start getting my act together I’ll do it.

Finally, a Single… and It Sucked

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