Lonely Free Squat Training

I forgot my partner was leaving town, so I trained the squat solo today.

box jump (22″ ish box” ) 40’sx3, 50’sx3

hang clean: 185×5, 205×5, 215×5

free squat: 315×5, 365×5, 405×5

anderson front squat: 405×10, 425x2x10 superset with

stiff legs: 225x3x10 I used a double underhand grip on these.

SSB calves, one leg: 110x5x10

one arm one leg pressdown abs: 170x5x10

one arm dumbbell bench: 60×50 rest-pause, left side first

Skipped out on legpress since they were closing the weight room

reverse preacher: 45×10, 70×10

Lonely Free Squat Training

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