It IS Your Fault, Fatty

I just saw my tenth or so tv fatloss ad in less than an hour. You know what tubby? It is your fault. You don’t move and you eat way too much. You haven’t tried everything and there’s no magic secret the hotties won’t let you in on.

But it’s okay. You’re human and unless you’re some kind of mutant, you can fix it. Do what Bernarr Macfadden did a hundred years ago: don’t eat and walk 20 miles per day.

That is all. Maybe in the next installment I’ll explain why Type II diabetes is a made-up disease.

It IS Your Fault, Fatty

3 thoughts on “It IS Your Fault, Fatty

  1. conorattack says:

    Yeah, I’ve always liked him. We’re both rednecks from Missouri and we’re both a little kooky. I’d love to take a summer off and go searching for his supposed hidden cash he’s got squirreled away somewhere.

    I’ve had a lot of people ask about you lately. How are things?

  2. Philipk says:

    Things are going o.k. Work has really sucked lately, if it wasn’t for the few days I have taken off to go help my dad on the farm and the little work I have around my farm I would probably be going crazy by now.

    Trying to get into a routine for training. I am using a program the Earl gave me. There are things I like and things I don’t like (not much volume).

    Erin is doing good, still working 10-12hr. days and not a big fan of being on call but she always seems to be in a good mood and has some pretty interesting stories.

    We are going to look at an acreage. We have looked at it before and I like it (don’t love it) but it might do for the time being. It has a really cool barn and a cool farrowing house. The only thing I don’t like is that it is less then 1/2 mi. from city limits. I guess I will try not to swear so loud when I get mad at animals/equipment.

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