Pam and Kristen are amazing…

…they got up and trained while I was still in bed. Here’s what they did:

Jerks: 4 sets of 8 @ 65 lbs
Front squat: 4 sets of 8 at 85 lbs
 warmed up with about 15 reps of just bar
KK- 1 set of 6 with 10's
    1 set of 6 with 12 1/2
    1 set of 3 with 12 1/2
Pam-1 set of 12 with 10
    1 set of 6 with 15
    1 set of 5 with 15

Here’s what Captain Volume (yours truly):

power jerk from rack: 135×2, 185×2, 205×2, 225×2, 235×2, 250xmiss

medium grip bench press: 135×3, 185×3, 225×3, 275×3, 295×3, 315×3

towel bench: 315×3 I used a rolled up yoga mat, and it just wasn’t working right. There’s too much squish with 3 plates.

dumbbell low incline: 100x5x5, 90x5x5

machine row: 90×5, 115x9x5

dumbbell extensions: 40x10x5

ez bar curl: 95×5, 115x4x5, 95x5x5

This is where my grand plans for doing ten sets each of all my accessory work disintegrated.

GHR sidebends: bwx10

YTWL: 15×4 I was just guessed, too much weight for these and I’d been in the gym long enough I just didn’t care.

After I had my amino acid/whey hydrolysate/wazy maize shake and an obligatory handful of pills, we went to KFC and I had a whole box of shit. I washed it done with another protein shake and now I feel jacked. Go me.

Pam and Kristen are amazing…

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