Deadlift and Dead Accessory Day

Wow, this session took forever, but left me feeling satisfied. I started out with DeFranco’s Agile Eight, since it’s eight easy moves and Jim Wendler recommended it.

hang snatch: 135x2x2, 155×2, 165×2

reverse grip bench press: 185×5, 225×5, 245x2x5

1 inch deficit deadlift: 315×1, 405×1, 425×3(belt), 455×3, 475×3

shrug from rack pull (low shrug): 225×5, 315×5, 365x8x5 I used a regular double overhand grip and no straps for these, which made my hands tired.

chins: bwx1,2,3,4,5,5,4,3,2,1 + partner assisted eccentric rep

GHR: bwx5, 25# platex9x5

neck harness: 25x2x12 I also did some unweighted neck flexions to balance these.

face pull: 6x2x12

prestretcher crunches: bwx5x10

Attack!-Quotes from today’s session:

Kyle: You know, abs?

Conor: What the fuck is abs?

Kyle: You know, the thing between your quads and pecs.

Conor: My penis?

*Upon seeing one of our friends being instructed in the curl…*

Conor: Are you being coached in the curl? Do you have a drillbit stuck in your brain?

Deadlift and Dead Accessory Day

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