So it turns out…

…that I’m a pretty shitty powerlifter. To be fair everyone has meets like this eventually and I’ve already got my head wrapped around what I need to fix it. Here’s the down and dirty on my showing:

  1. Squat – 447
  2. 479 – staple
  3. 479 – staple
  1. Bench – 331
  2. 353 – staple
  3. 353 – staple
  1. Deadlift – 531
  2. 581 (go big or go home) – missed at knees
  3. I skipped this and went to take a shower.
  • 1306 total @ 241.1 BW

It’s clear I just need more volume on my next training cycle. I’m going to use Wendler’s 5/3/1 for my main lifts for the next several weeks and just throw on a ton of volume for my accessory work, a la this awesome article by Matt Rhodes. I can’t thank Phil Wylie from Bad Attitude Gym enough for all his advice and helping to talk me through my first crummy meet.

The highlight of the meet was our two ladies who both did an awesome job getting through their first meet. Great job Kristen and Pam!

I should add, the night on the town the girls treated us to is what made the whole weekend tolerable.

So it turns out…

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