No more squatting till the meet!

No more real squatting or pulling until the meet, and I’m stoked. I might do some speed pulls or speed box squat on Friday, but it will only be a couple of easy sets.

snatch: 135×3, 165×1

conventional deadlift: 315×1, 365×1, 405×1, 455×1, 495×1 (belt)

full squat: 315×1, 365×1, 405×1, 455×1

pullups on monolift (thicker grip): bwx1,2,3,4,5,6,2,2,2,2

No more squatting till the meet!

12 thoughts on “No more squatting till the meet!

  1. Nenad says:

    Because you are like a chick…hey Conor tomorrow night i am squating and i am trying to hit 225 for 25reps i hope to see you there and witness my lifts…. i am so going all out training for next Arnold Classic hahahahah

  2. Philipk says:


    I would probably be more concerned about winning the MR. Iowa before I would worry about the Arnold Classic. Besides if you are going to have a goal in bodybuilding it might as well be the “Olympia”.

    Nice pulls and nice squats Conor. Feeling Strong? 12 days and counting.

  3. Nenad says:

    Hey Phil… whats up man? I am so serious about my lifting now i am starting to eat over 5,000 calories a day 7meals and over 300g of protein and lifting hard i am trying to become sponsored body builder….hahaha

  4. Nenad says:

    Haha oh yeahh i am just beaing a fag but seriously i am very serious now Phil and i am going heavy on weights and doing many forced reps and shit forcing my self to maximum and adding 5lbs every week to my lifts… haha i wish you were around Phil i know you would make me a next mr.iowa haha….

    Conor last night u forgot ur chalk in gym and its in my bag if u need it i will be in gym tomorrow night 6ish or stop by my place for few drinks

  5. Philipk says:

    Hey Nenad, did you watch Rocky IV? That is my favorite of the Rocky movies. USSR Steroids vs. USA Work ethic, got to love it.

  6. Nenad says:

    No i was going to watch it last night but then i ended up going out and got fuked up got home this morning at 5am i mean hammered…….

  7. Philipk says:


    Last time I checked pro-bodybuilders don’t get wasted and get home at 5am. Rest and nutrition are just as key to going pro as lifting.

  8. Nenad says:

    Yeah i know Phil i usually check for new posts daily…Conor has been little lazy about keeping up, but i understand he has been focusing on that competition meet on Saturday….hey you should have seen him try to jerk clean 135LBs last night in gym in jeans i was amazed he almost had it
    btw my email is

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