I’m Busy Now, Really

Hey, I don’t have time to blog profusely like I used to. I’m a big boy now with grown-up obligations. However, I’ll continue to do my best to appease my blog-reading public.


snatch: Worked up to something pathetic, maybe 165 for 2.

rack pull from knee: 315×3, 405×3, 495×3, 585×1, 675×1

face pull: 6×12?

abs: 170×20


rack jerk: 185×3, 205×3, 225×3, 235×2, 245×2, 255xmiss I really wanted to get this bodyweight jerk.

floor press with 2″ axle: 160×3, 250×3, 270×1, 300×1, 320xmiss I just missed that last single and I ground out slowly the single before it.

face pull: 5×30

YTWL: 8×10

shrugs: 115×8?

hamstring machine curls:irrelevant

We did other things too, but they were of no real consequence (arms, calves, etc.)

I’m Busy Now, Really

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