This is Why I’m a Day Behind

We trained Friday night like normal, then ate some baller-ass dinner at West Towne Pub. Then, to complicate things, we went in and heckled Kristen and Pam while they trained on Saturday. Now I feel like it’s still Saturday and my entire sense of time and space is distorted.

hang clean: These sucked. I think I worked up to 205 or something.

low box safety bar box squat: 150×3, 200×3, 240×1, 290×1, 330×1, 350×1, 380×1

leg press: 6 platesx3, 7 platesx3, 8 platesx3, 9 platesx3, 10 platesx3, 11 platesx0, 7 plates x20

I think we just did some curls then or something.

The next day we did some more curls and I did a set of 100 press downs for each elbow. The ladies did machine rows, dumbbell inclines and low “box” safety bar squats. Then they worked up to a heavy set of 15 on the leg press. I think they’re going to be sore today…

Conor: Don’t just flop down on the box.

Everyone: Ha, ha, ha, “flop”, “box”

Pam: I don’t get it.

This is Why I’m a Day Behind

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