Urine That Tastes Like Honey – Here I Come!

The title of this blog is a historical joke on the etymology of “diabetes mellitus”, it means the patient had lots of piss (diabetes) and it was sweet like honey (mellitus, as in the European honeybee Apis mellifera).

This is a heavy handed way of letting you all know I just ate a box of Cheerio’s I found in my cupboard, left by the previous tenants.

Urine That Tastes Like Honey – Here I Come!

3 thoughts on “Urine That Tastes Like Honey – Here I Come!

  1. Philipk says:

    Well one I have been having problems with my elbow and hip and I have just been trying to take it easy in order to let it all heal and two, there are no good places to train in my area.

    I lifted last week when I was up in Minnesota on business. I pulled 460 for a single on Mon. and benched 315 w/ pause for a single on Wed. I thought that was pretty good considering I hadn’t lifted weights in about a month. I was training at the YMCA in Marshall, MN and I would have to say that there were a lot of hottie’s up there, probably 3-5 each night that would be in that 7-9.5 range. Well worth the $10/night that is cost to lift there.

    I am going to try to start training hard again this week, I think I am going to try a new place.

    Tell you what. You don’t realize how great of a place Beyer is until you leave, the only thing is I knew how great it was before I left. I really miss training there.

    Peace out.

  2. Nenad says:

    Ahh best of luck Phil with your recovery!!! Do you thik you can get me on some training cycle starting beg of Sept when i get back to Ames????
    Beyer is the shit. Marko and I been lifting at Anytime Fitness and its a joke maybe twice a week you will see someone at eptical or ez barbell curling 🙂 This summer best bench i saw at the gym was 165, no1 pulls deds and i seen a chinese dude squat 135 and jerk 115 hahahha

    Anyone been following lifts at Olympics?

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