GFH Bros!

There are a couple of acronyms in the iron game I really enjoy. One of them is in the motto of this blog: SFW or “smash f!@#$% weights”. Smashing weights is all about hitting big weights or at least bigger weights than you hit the week before, pretty simple stuff.

One of the other acronyms is “GFH” or Get F!@#$% Huge”. GFH is about eating, training hard and not staying concerned about being ripped, cut, swole or whatever else the metros are calling it. Now, I’ve used this admonishment as an excuse to get fatter than I was strong. This was a mistake, more in the way of training than diet as I feel if I had been piling on weight and going for broke (particularly in the squat) than I probably would have been okay, even eating whatever I want.

GFH is what we’re doing when we hit the buffet after training. Train hard, drive yourself into the ground, then refill the tanks.

Where am I going with this? In the spirit of GFH, I found this quote online:

My favourite fantasy is watching me honey stuff himself silly, myaow! untill he’s more than full: drowsy and dizzy, motionless, disarmed, painfully bloated. I cum time after time just fantasizing him stuff his gob with fresh, juicy, fattenning food, opening his pants and shirt as he proceeds, his breath becoming shallow and his face turning red and sweaty from binging, I’d love to hold him but I stay away and just watch him stunned, loving him to the bits! Ummm.

Sounds like good buffet company right?. However, given the place I found it it makes me wonder. Apparently there are people out there who want to get hella fat and other people who get off on making them that way. It takes all kinds.

I wouldn’t mind finding a good lookin’ gal who wants to watch me destroy a local buffet and then jump my bones while I make struggling, anguished gyrations underneath her, her hands perched on my distended abdomen… but I digress.

Kind of reminds me of the “bear lovers” who get off on jacked, fat powerlifters.

GFH Bros!

2 thoughts on “GFH Bros!

  1. conorattack says:

    It was alright. We were really lacking for volunteers on Saturday, but I don’t know what else I could have done.

    The meet was fine, seems like we missed a lot of the big shirted benchers from Des Moines. There was a 450 or raw press that I remember, but I don’t recall any big unequipped benches from lighter lifters, not to say that there weren’t any.

    I didn’t compete. Stu did and I think he got 260 or something.

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