Full Court Pressing

So, I needed a way to work “press” into the title of this blog, and this is what I got. Got a lot of good pressing done today, again worked out with our 165er and am surprised at his strength on the accessory lifts. We did a little work looking at his mobility in internal/external rotation and activating his subscapularis, which I’m hopeful will help get his bench moving.

power jerk: 135×3, 185×3, 205×3

2-board press: 225×3, 275×2, 315×3, 335×3, 355xmiss

low incline dumbbell press: 100x3x8

pullup with straps: bwx5,4,3,3,2,1,1 with long eccentrics/isometrics on the single

lean away lateral raise: 25x2x10 These were killer!

preacher curl: 95×6, 75x2x10, then three reps of power curl with l-o-n-g eccentrics These sucked because my forearms where still hurting from the lean aways and pull ups.

I felt like I should have done something else. I don’t like only doing one upper body day a week, so I’ll think of something not too taxing to throw in next time or maybe I’ll just call it good with all the extra pushups I’m doing. I wanted to do a Tabata interval afterwards but my teammate was in a hurry to get to the buffet and I think his work capacity is lacking right now. Besides, he was my ride, so I didn’t want to make him wait on me, Diva that I am.

Full Court Pressing

3 thoughts on “Full Court Pressing

  1. Philipk says:


    Being the old man that I am, I have decided to take a break from lifting. I will hope to be back lifting by mid-Aug. Currently I have been doing more cardio (running and biking) as well as a lot of abdominal training.

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