The Library is Closed, but the Gym is Open

I went to campus and had a solid little training session.

low incline dumbbell press: 75×5, 95×13,3,2

half military presses (press to head height): 135×15,3,2 I used several forced-rep eccentrics at the end here

dumbbell tricep extensions: 40×12,6,4 These felt too easy. I always feel like I can’t give it a good effort when I get to the tricep work

rack pull: 315×1, 405×1, 495×4, 585×4, 635×3 I checked, these are form just above the knee, the bar touches the top edge of my kneecap

pull-ups: bwx4,4,3,3,2,2,2 I used straps for these. It makes a lot of difference, and at this bodyweight, I’d rather get more reps in and have to use straps than sacrifice those precious reps for more grip work.

one-arm shrugs: 90x2x10

Speaking of bodyweight, I weighed after training and I clocked in at 260.7 pounds. Not too shabby. I think I weighed in at 273 and a fraction at my last meet, so I guess this is progress. Progress towards what, I’m not sure. It really feels much better to be fat and sassy, but I am looking pretty sexy in the mirror, if I don’t say so myself.

The Library is Closed, but the Gym is Open

4 thoughts on “The Library is Closed, but the Gym is Open

  1. NenadD says:

    Haha when i joined ISU weight lifting club i was at 208 and this morning i was at 182.5LBS.. I am trying to cut down to about 175LBS by end of August. My only problem is i cant stay away from cake and i dirnk about 2cans of pop a week is this bad??? and maybe like 3 slices of cake in week???? Is this bad???
    Conor what is ur diet like my friend?

  2. conorattack says:

    My diet? Well, I’m sort of a bad example, since I’m so inconsistent. In general, I think most people don’t need near as many carbs as they eat. Stick to a small amount of carbs from vegetables, unsweetened yogurt, cheese, small amounts of beans and fruit and some sauces (dressing, ketchup) to wolf it down. Other than that, meat and nuts. I usually have some spinach and broccoli every day and I add olive oil if I feel hungry. When I have money to spare I use protein powder and fish oil, especially fish oil, approx 10-15 grams a day.

    I would cut out that cake bullshit and switch to diet soda. At the very least, eat all of your cake on one day a week and after a workout.

    Frankly, fat loss isn’t very hard. Building muscle is much harder. You should be able to drop that amount of weight in a week or two if you have your diet and exercise squared away.

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