Outrunning the Pack

I really feel like I’m ahead of the pack with all the extra training that I’m doing. Getting up with the sun and paying in some sweat equity while everyone else is still asleep is a gratifying feeling. Plus, I think I’m actually dropping some bodyfat. Don’t tell anyone. More importantly, my conditioning is improving and my strength is improving or holding.

Morning Session

side straddle hops, 4 count, 15 repetitions

sun gods, 4 count, 15 repetitions each direction

cherry pickers, 4 count, 15 repetitions

push ups, 4 count, 15 repetitions

flutter kicks, 4 count, 15 repetitions

hello dollys, 4 count, 15 repetitions

squats, 4 count, 15 repetitions

8-count bodybuilders, 10 repetitions and 5 repetitions

three sixty meter shuttle runs

Evening Session

dumbbell curl: 35×3, 55×12,2,1

behind the back axle wrist curl: 120×12, 170 for an eccentric

dumbbell dorsiflexion (front calves): 75×6, 50×12

SSB free squat, medium stance: 240×1, 330x3x1, 380×1, 400×1, 420xmiss

RDL: 225×4, 315×2,4 (hands slipped so had to reset after two and switch to a hook grip)

Somewhere in there while I was waiting for the squat stands I did a couple reverse crossovers: 20x2x12 each side

15 minutes on the bike, setting 15, while I chatted with Marko and listened to hip-hop

I can’t wait till I can smash those four wheels on the safety bar!

Outrunning the Pack

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