“I have ridden the mighty Moon Worm!”

Bonus Attack Points if you can place the quote. I’m running out of witty titles.

Yesterday I got up at 6:00 and did thirty minutes of exercise before work, harkening back to my old NROTC Marine Platoon PT. First I rode my bike to the park, then:

side straddle hops, 4 count, 15 repetitions

sun gods (shoulder rotations), 4 count, 15 repetitions

cherry pickers, 4 count, 15 repetitions

pushups, 4 count, 10 repetitions, 5 repetitions

flutter kicks, 4 count, 15 repetitons

squats, 4 count, 15 repetitions

8-count bodybuilder, 8 repetitions x 2

Then I did a couple of what I want to call sprints, but are really short jogs. I would say 60 yards or so down and back. I did that three times and then rode my bike back to work.

That night I did:

flat db bench:

log press:

close grip bench: 285×4, 225×13

conventional deadlift: 405×1, 455×1, 505×1, 520×3

wide grip chins:

15 minutes on the bike (setting 14)! Oh yes, Phil, you are reading this correctly.

More to be updated later…

“I have ridden the mighty Moon Worm!”

One thought on ““I have ridden the mighty Moon Worm!”

  1. Philipk says:

    I wish I could say the same for myself. I did some rack pulls the other night worked up to a 605 single. My right elbow and left hip hurt so bad the next morning I said the hell with it. I am going to go see a Dr. after the 4th and probably take off from heavy training for the month of July and probably part of Aug. I haven’t been training that hard and my body is still mad at me so I think its time for a break. I plan on riding my bike, going for walks/jog and light strength training, hopefully this all helps.

    Peace out–> Oh yeah, don’t get to skinny!

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