So, My Bench Isn’t So Bad After All

It turns out that despite my fears to the contrary, my bench is progressing nicely. I feel like I’m moving along towards my goal of a 400 raw bench at Unequipped Nationals.

medium grip bench (pinkies 1 inch inside rings): 225×5, 275×1, 315×3 (plenty in the tank), 295×5, 275x3x5, 275×6

superset with

barbell row: 185x5x5

That was all I did. The bench work was pretty decent, so I think I’m going to stick with my bodybuilding oriented training, then about 12 weeks out from Nationals I’ll start doing more powerlifting specific training, including bringing in max effort and speed work training with bands. Hopefully we’ll have our monolift by then, which will definitely help.

So, My Bench Isn’t So Bad After All

8 thoughts on “So, My Bench Isn’t So Bad After All

  1. conorattack says:

    Yep, but I’m not going to train for it or anything. I’ll just do what I always do, show up, help spot/load all day and then jump in to lift.

  2. Philipk says:

    Well lifting has been lifting. Not as good as I had hoped. The gym I am training at has pretty good equipment, no where near as good as Beyer but still o.k. However it is a 24 hr. gym and vary rarely is someone else training at the same time as myself so I usually don’t have a person to give me a lift off or a spot. This is really affecting my bench, it is hard to go to failure or push out one more rep when you know there is no one there to save your ass. I really miss Beyer.

  3. NenadD says:

    HAha i guess we are having same problems… I am lifting at ANytimeFitness its a 24hr facility but i hate the place lol… They have rules and shit after u are done using machine or weights u need to take cleaning whipe and whipe the equipment off. I am using chalk and i need to clean everything off… it blows haha.. What can i say its bunch of dooshbags on epticals 150lbs range… I havent seen anyone swuat or deadlift( no deadlift platform) yet and i seen couple people put up little over 200 on bench… Leg press only goes up to 265 hmm all thje bars are chrome plated and dumbells are rubber and only go up to 95LBs.. overall its pretty gay lol…

  4. NenadD says:

    hey Phil this place is in Cedar Falls maybe you can drive down sometimes and lift with me like at midnight or something i can be Frank Columbo and u be Arnold haha…

  5. Philipk says:

    My place isn’t so bad. They actually have good bars and plates. They have a squat rack and a rubber mat to deadlift on. My biggest problem is that there is no one there to spot me.

    I may take off the month of July b/c I am having problems with my elbow and hip. I am not sure yet.

    I think you should be Arnold and I should be Franco. I am too short to be Arnold.

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