What The Hell?

Ugggh. Tonight sucked. I forgot half my shit and I had to run home in the middle of the workout, so I didn’t get shit done.

conv deadlift: 315×1, 405×1, 455×1, 475×1, 495×1, 525×0

Turkish Get Up: 50x2x2

Then I did three bike sprints on a big hill by my house. I can’t really afford to eat enough to train hard, so I’m considering dieting down. I’d also like to get more pussy, and I think cutting some weight would help.

What The Hell?

7 thoughts on “What The Hell?

  1. Marko says:

    I thought you were doing “weight club business” with the secretary and thats why you left? hahhaha ohhh boy

  2. Philipk says:

    Slow day decided to read your blog again. Did you say sprint? Are you feeling o.k. I didn’t think that word was in your vocabulary.

  3. NenadD says:

    Hey Conor i think you should also consider tanning bro…. i am serious it helps with ladies…. ha,ha u guys prolly think i am gay or something now, but whatever just beiang honest 🙂

  4. conorattack says:

    No, no tanning for Conor. I see lot’s of pale porno actors, and they seem to have no problem pulling tail…

  5. NenadD says:

    Haha true true….. But i love my girls tanned makes them look like chocolate…. Conor man i NEED protein for my shakes…. Did u get ur stuff in yet??? Hey i am trying to get little jacket up over summer since i am not doing much… Any recommendation on supplements? Anyonee??? btw i just got done jacking off hahahahhaahha

  6. Philipk says:

    Wow! too much information from Nenad. Just curious, what were you looking at while you were pleasuring yourself.

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