Random Chicken S!@# Workout

I’m not bothering to go back and look at my logbook, but this is approximate:

preacher curl: 75×18,6,3

wrist curl: 115×10

leg press calves: 7 plates x 12

GHR: back on 4×4, bwx8 with slow eccentric

leg press: stapled by 7 plates I’m going to regroup and try to do the legpress sets tomorrow. I’ll eat a bigger breakfast and drink more water and hopefully smash the weights, otherwise I’ll have to drop the legpress as a movement and go do hack press at the rec, which I don’t want to do.

Now, beer drinking ho!

Random Chicken S!@# Workout

3 thoughts on “Random Chicken S!@# Workout

  1. Philipk says:

    I am still alive. I benched 315 x 2 with no spotter, hell there wasn’t even a old lady there to watch me. Still fucking rediculous.

  2. NenadD says:

    Hey Conor…where is the magic protein??? I am hoping my lifting + ur protein would get me on same stage with Arnold hahahaha

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