Bam, Pow, Surprise!

I am still alive, but I have been opting out of training. Monday I didn’t feel like it and Tuesday my roommate and I went for a little hike around Ledges State Park, so I didn’t feel like training that night either. I’m going to train with my teammate Kyle tonight, so there’s that.

Like I told Phil the other day, I did two meets back to back and then started this cycle with no break in between, so I’m kind of due for a little break.

Funny story: I accidentally dismantled the trunk hold-open mechanism on the shop car today, so I had to climb inside and fix it before I could bring it back from the field. I’m sure it would have looked funny, one guy standing around while another climbed into the trunk of the company car. Lesson learned; don’t start taking apart the first thing you see when you’re trying to open the back seat through to the trunk.

Bam, Pow, Surprise!

4 thoughts on “Bam, Pow, Surprise!

  1. Philipk says:


    Are you training w/ Messerly? I wish I could train with you guys. I am hopefully going to find someone to spot me tonight who is not scared of 315# on the bar. Chances are it won’t happen but you got to do what you got to do.

    What are you two going to work on tonight? Two man luge!

  2. Marko says:

    I’m about to hip the beyer, its legs here today. Hopefully I see Mr. Conor there I haven’t seen you in over a week and I kind of miss you man.

  3. NenadD says:

    Haha for a while i thought i was the only guy lifting…
    16″ calves
    26″ thights
    41″ chest
    14″ arms

    i am hoppng by end of summer i can add 1″ to everything haha and maybe 2″ to my guns hahahahahhaha

  4. conorattack says:

    Nenad, you better plan on packing on about 20 pounds if that’s your goal. Increase all of your lifts by 50-100 pounds and slam 300 grams of more of protein every day. Eat like it’s a full time job!

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