If it ain’t raining, we’re training…

…and apparently even if it is raining. It’s a wet, wet world around these parts, and with the humidity up so high, I soaked completely through my t-shirt in the gym. I had to book it across campus to do some tutoring, so I’m sure my soggy, sweaty, beat-red appearance was appreciated.

Someone I met on T-Nation came out to train with me tonight and I did my best to give him some pointers. I think he’ll definitely continue to make progress and he’s off to a good start.

ez bar curl: 75×5, 125×1, 135×1, 145×8,1,0

cable hammer curls w/rope grip: 5×4, 7×10

seated calves: 150×10

safety bar squats: 240×1, 330×1, 350×1, 375×4, 275×15

one arm pressdown abs: 160x2x10, each side

When I finally got home, about two hours after training, I went to shower and noticed this little gem: a sweet bruise from the safety squat bar. I guess I’m finally a man.

My big ugly back with a purple line on it.

If it ain’t raining, we’re training…

13 thoughts on “If it ain’t raining, we’re training…

  1. Philipk says:

    I can’t believe you don’t already have a cauless (?sp.) on that part of your back already. However your back does look swole.

    Benched last night 4×4: 235-255-275-295(x4). Would have gone for 5 but my spotter was a 105# highschool girl and she was scared enough just giving me a lift off.

    I have been the only person in the gym the last two nights and I am sure tongiht will be the same. I need to find a training partner in this town or I am going to die.

  2. conorattack says:

    Yeah… but was she hot? Are you actually training in Green or do you have to drive somewhere else? Maybe you can talk to one of the local coaches and see if you can find some wrestler or something that needs a training partner.

    I was over by Algona today, drove through Fort Dodge, to Pocahontas and Cherokee, wound up by Sheldon. Got paid for lots of windshield time.

  3. Marko says:

    Good to hear that you are lifting again Phill and I would give that girl some props if she could even give you a lift off on 295.

    Now to Conor, where is that damn Scandinavian chick? And what did both of you miss tonight, 2 off the hottest girls ever to step into our gym came to train, unfortunatelly they came just as I was about to leave so I had to extend my session for another hour and it turned out to be worth it. One fine blondie, and a big bootey brunette who ended up mooning us as she was doing bent over dumbell rows by the cd player the whole time 🙂

  4. conorattack says:

    That’s a cruel joke. Here I am, bringing home the bacon, and I miss two comely young ladies. Did you tell them to come back tomorrow?

  5. Philipk says:

    I am training in Hampton, it is on the way home from the office. The highschool girl was o.k. Her teenage friend with a 1 year old boy is more my style, you know a littler thicker. I need to get a hold of the coach’s at Greene soon or I am going to die. However Greene was flooded and things aren’t so good there.

    Marko now how hot were these chicks, scale 1-10? Man it’s been a while since some super hot chicks lifted in Beyer.

    Marko, did your parents place get flooded?

  6. Marko says:

    Nope we didn’t get flooded but it sure came close just a couple of blocks away everything is flooded.

    On a Scale 1-10, I would give one a 9.2 and one would be a 8.

  7. Philipk says:

    Glad to hear you and your family were not in the flood plain.

    2 chicks that were an avg. of 8.6 on the hot scale in Beyer hall at the same time. I moved away 2 weeks too soon.

    Peace out.

  8. Philipk says:

    Hey just in case you are all wondering I am getting closer to being old. I turned 27 on Thurs. June 12.

    Man it is about time to retire from powerlifting.

  9. Philipk says:

    Yeah Erin and I were smart and decided to rent a house out on an acreage south of town. If it floods where we are at, some guy named Noah will probably be building an ark. However our landlord was not so lucky. He lives right on the river and his house is basically totalled, he talked like it would be months before things would be back to normal.


  10. Marko says:

    Happy late b-day Philip. Good to hear all is good up there.

    Conor, I’m still looking for the hot Scandinavian chick man where the fuck is she?

  11. Philipk says:

    What the fuck! I know you are still alive Conor b/c I just spoke with you on the phone Tues. afternoon. Are you still training?

    Pull up your nut sack and get lifting!

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