Mad Real Pump

I had an awesome pump in pretty much my entire upper body tonight.

low incline dumbbell press: 80×5, 110×10,0,0

db overhead press: 80×7,0,0

4 board press: 245×13,4,3

rack pull: 405×1, 495×1, 585×1, 635×5

one arm lat pull: 5×12,5,5 Good, long eccentrics

one arm pressdown abs: 2x150x10 right and left

My hands were killing me on those rack pulls, so I wound up just getting pissed, ratcheting down my straps and pulling. I had only intended on pulling two reps, but I just gassed it. I know one heavy set isn’t that much volume, but I bet I’ll be sore later.

Conor: 635 x 5 rack pull

Phil: Awesome!

Conor: with straps 😦

Phil: you make me sick

Mad Real Pump

6 thoughts on “Mad Real Pump

  1. Philipk says:

    I am going to lift weights at my new & hopefully temporary gym tonight. I went and checked it out yesterday, they actually have really nice bars, not those shitty chrome ones, they also have some nice plates from Jesup Gym, mind you there are only 10 or 12, 45# plates. Those are the good things. Now the bad, they have a TV, the racks and benches I think are made out of tin, DB’s only go up to 90#, Lat pull only goes up to 140#, no leg curl/leg ext. machine, no deadlift platform, and from what I saw Zero serious lifters, etc, etc, I could go on for hours. Anyways I am going to give a try, hope I can find someone to spot me and hopefully I don’t break their tin benches and racks.

  2. NenadD says:

    Speaking of pumping iron…..i am actually lifting real hard in Wloo. I guess when you are alone maybe you get those best workout hahaha…. Watch me get jacked up over summer and tanned up some of you wont be able to recognize me hahhaha…hey i am looking right now i think i am starting to see that 6pack oh wait its 6rolls of fat hahahaha….. keep us updated Phil and you should visit me in ghetto Waterloo lol

  3. Philipk says:

    Hey Nenad,

    If you want to get tan this place I am lifting at would be perfect for you. They have a tanning bed in a little room by the weights. Man that shit is gay!

  4. NenadD says:

    Haha any more haters out there??? i know Phil…. i have a feeling i might lose my balls hahaha…. are you swinging by waterloo anytime soon?

  5. Philipk says:

    Really the DesMoines Strength Institute has a tanning bed, that is gay. I always wondered where you were going when we were at that last meet. You were tanning, what a Mo!

    I don’t think I will be going through Loo-town anytime soon, but if I do I will let you know.

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