Rabbit Food

I don’t really like “eating right”. I would much rather eat fast food and Hostess Cakes all day, and believe me, I have. At some point though, you would have thought the dozens, maybe even hundreds of articles I’ve read that said “It’s your diet, stupid” would have sunk in. Alas, no.

What finally sunk in was reading about DoggCrapp training and Dante’s simple diet admonishment to count protein. I thought, “Hey, I should do that.” Now I am and I’m feeling great and unless the mirror’s lying to me, looking better.

So, for breakfast I’ve been having a couple chicken breasts, olive oil, blueberries and spinach leaves. Not just spinach leaves, organic spinach leaves. I also take a multivitamin, a kelp tablet, 5 fish oil capsules and a little zinc.  It’s pretty lame, and I sorta feel like a bodybuilder wannabe. There’s something “macho” about eating crap all day and then lifting weights. But I suppose there’s ultimately something more masculine in eating right and yielding better results.

Looking back now, this is why I never got big results from the Anabolic Diet. I was half-assing it all week and then eating loads of total crap and beer all weekend. Way to set yourself up for a stalemate! I was so afraid of how much I thought all that meat and protein was going to cost that I was subsisting on far fewer calories and protein than I needed during the week. Then, I would blow loads of cash on the weekend. Just one case of cheap beer and one trip to the chinese buffet would buy about 12 pounds of chicken breasts at Sam’s Club.

So now, I’m spending more money on better food, but saving money over all. It may be more expensive than eating tv dinners and ramen noodles all day, but over the course of the week I’m coming out ahead.

Plus, it’s like the concept of “paying yourself first” in economics. Looking and feeling good is important and you need to take care of that first, before you worry about the other things. The expense is just something you need to be willing to absorb if you want the results.

It’s like when I was a kid and we’d buy tools to use on the farm. Sometimes we’d buy junk and sooner or later we’d break them. That’s why my Dad always said to buy what you needed first, and try to pinch pennies second.

Just some food for thought.

Rabbit Food

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