Rack Pulls Can Make You Feel Strong

low incline db press: 100×10, 5,4

seated db overhead press: 75×10, 1, 3

4 board press: 225×15, 5, 3

rack pull, just above knee: 495×7, 545×8, 605×4, 655×1

one arm lat pulldown: 4×12, 5, 4 RH, 4×15, 6, 5 LH

I’ve never seen one arm exercises in DoggCrapp workouts, but I’ve never seen where it says I can’t do them either. These will work well once I catch my stride, you can really stretch the lat at the top. They must work alright because I got a lat stretch trying to write in my notebook.

The rack pulls were limited by my hands. I worked in the field today, hauling around a cable and stuff without gloves, so my hands are kind of hot today. I might strap up and see if that makes a difference next time.

I also dragged ass a little but because I didn’t eat like I normally do and I spent a long time in the heat. I ate breakfast at about 7am and didn’t get to eat lunch until abut 1:30, which is about as long as I’ve gone without food in a long time. I only drank about one Nalgene bottle of water too, which is also below my normal. Next time I go out to the field I’ll prepare better, make sure I pack a shake, and take a gallon jug of water to drink.

I’m already waking up at night and drinking a creatine/bcaa cocktail, I might start adding 15ml of glycerol to help with hydration and cell volume. Can’t hurt, I s’pose.

Rack Pulls Can Make You Feel Strong

2 thoughts on “Rack Pulls Can Make You Feel Strong

  1. Philipk says:

    Your close Conor. I believe the quote was

    “Anyone can have a big deadlift if they just pull up their nut sack and do it.”

    However this is coming from a guy who loves to deadlift.

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