The Mythical Quad Pump!

I’ve been trying to get a pump in my stupid quads for a while now. My quads get sore a couple days after squatting, but never during. Well, I found out how to pump ’em up tonight.

barbell preacher curl: 95×5,2,1

wrist curl: 95×10

leg press calves: six plates per side x 12 reps with pauses

GHR: bwx10

leg curl: 110×20

leg press: 5 platesx1, 6 platesx6, 6 plates+25×6, 5 plates+25 x 17 or 19 I was out of it for these, so my partner was counting. I only counted 17 but he counter 19, whatever. My legs were jelly after this, I just layed on the floor for a few minutes and tried to recover.

I bet I’m going to be hella sore tomorrow…

The Mythical Quad Pump!

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