Wow These Workouts Suck

Incline bench: 185×13,4,3

Behind the neck press: 65×19,4,5

close grip bench press: 185×12,5,4

v-grip pulldown: 17×15,5,4

stading cable row: 10×8,4,2

My tri’s were burning pretty hard after those close grips. I had to do all my pressing out of the rack, because no one was in the gym.

I’m not used to feeling this shitty after a workout. It’s all the high reps and rest-pause sets. It’s weird to have a pump or burn in one entire half of your body at a time. Since this program is essentially an A-B split (half the body on one day, the other half on the next and alternating) half of my body is always fried.

I’m also not used to doing exercises “bodybuilding style”. For example, I did the inclines wide grip and didn’t really try to drive with my triceps, which is totally antithetic to how I would normally bench.

It doesn’t matter though, I’m just sticking with it and doing the program. My theory is that the first session sucks because you’re just figuring it out, the second session is the first real workout, and the third is your first chance to bust your ass and attack your numbers from the second workout. Since it takes two weeks to cycle through the whole program, I figure I have to stay on for at least six weeks to see how I feel about it.

Oh, and I’ve been eating like a champ this week. On a typical training day I’ve been  getting 75-100 grams of carbs, 350 grams of protein and 250-275 grams of fat for a total of 4500 calories. On an off day it’s pretty much the same thing except 30-40 grams of carbs, a little less protein (250 grams or so) and total fewer calories.

Wow These Workouts Suck

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