More Weightroom Cardio

Ughh, like I always say, anything above three reps is cardio.

barbell curl: 125×12,2,2 rest-pause (RP)

Ok, feeling pretty good.

wrist extension: 55×12 and 45×12 I did the extra set because, c’mon this is weak.

Still feeling pretty good, not real sweaty or anything.

seated calves: 115×11 I used a long pause at each rep and squeezed hard at the top.

leg curl: 12×17, 8, 5 RP I wanted to use the incline GHR, but I found my calves were so fried they shook like leaves on a tree when I tried to get setup.

I tried to drop a duece and Oh my God, I couldn’t get my calves to quit shaking.

SSB squat: 290×6, 340×6, 240×15


Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but still. Having to do that many reps just murders me. I’m just looking forward to piling on more weight and reps and finally growing some wee-el’s.

I’ve been trying to pound 100 grams or so of protein in the meal after my post-workout shake, so we’ll see if that helps recovery.

More Weightroom Cardio

2 thoughts on “More Weightroom Cardio

  1. Marko says:

    GOod lord 100 grams of protein post workout shake.

    I like those high reps, I’ll be switching to higher rep workouts starting next week. Eric recommended I get that Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, I did and so I’ve been reading that this week. I watched Pumping Iron last night as well and I can’t tell you how much I am excited about comming back to that gym next week with a renewed outlook on lifting weights.

    Anyways, check your damn email I’m still waiting on you!

  2. conorattack says:

    That’s not 100g in a shake, that’s mostly whole food. Tonight it was actually 2 chicken breasts, a chicken thigh, 50 g of whey protein and a cup of cottage cheese and around 150g of total protein.

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