Benching Like a Brute

Nice little bench session tonight.

close grip bench (touch and go): 225×1, 275×1, 325×1, 335×1, 340×1

pull-ups: bwx5x2, one long eccentric afterwards

standing cable row: 9x3x8 I used the weird strap with handle thing for this.

cable flies: ?x3x5

cable crossovers: 3x1x5

I did some stretching and got a ride home, so I didn’t have to ride my bike.

It looks like a couple of my friends are going to go to the West Texas State meet with my room mate and I. I can’t wait.

Tumbleweeds and hungry cows here I come!

Benching Like a Brute

4 thoughts on “Benching Like a Brute

  1. conorattack says:

    That’s what I hear! He needs to make sure he doesn’t have to work, but otherwise he’s going.

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