Damn Doc, That Hurts

So I went back to the chiropractor today and got my shoulder checked out. He told me one thing I already knew, that I have terrible range of motion in internal rotation of the humerus. I’ve read about how throwers and overhead athletes typical have a deficit in internal rotation (Eric Cressey’s Blog), but I didn’t think it would happen to me.

My doc’s an Active Release Therapy practitioner, so I expected some soft-tissue work, and I also got another dose of Primal Reflex Release Therapy, which involved a lot of tapping around my posterior shoulder.

He dug down deep into my armpit and worked on some stuff in there (maybe a lat or susbcap, I don’t really know). Then he put some direct pressure against the front of my shoulder, into the coracoid or acromion process while he moved my arm all around. That was one of the least pleasant things I’ve ever had done to me. I feel pretty good now though

I’m pretty excited about doing some non-powerlifting training, dare I even say “bodybuilding” in the coming weeks. I want to do some reps, a bodypart split and gain some weight/mass. Just don’t tell anyone.

Damn Doc, That Hurts

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