Meet PR’s – Boosh!

Well, I’m glad I wound up doing a full meet, since I came home with three meet PR’s. Not too shabby for how awful my training has been. In fact, the conversation with Phil went something like this:

Phil: That squat looked easy, that was a PR right?

Conor: Yep, maybe this meet will be alright after all.

Phil: You’re probably going to have two PR’s, you SOB. Now we’re never going to able to get you to train again.

I made 453 for the squat, 341 bench and a big 551 for the deadlift and a 1344 total. That was about a 30 pound improvement on my total and a meet PR in each lift. I’ve benched more at a bench only meet, but it definitely wasn’t a solid paused lift.

By my reckoning, from when I approached the bar, was told I didn’t have a belt until I finished the lift was 52 seconds. Rich Peters gave me some good advice about the deadlift, and I really feel it helped me with that last lift. Like he said, “That’s why they call it the pull.”

Anyway, it was a good meet, lot’s of strong lifters. Phil and Kyle both got big PR’s on the deadlift and defended their American Records. We came out not too bent and broken, Phil with a jacked up hip, me a trashed shoulder and Kyle a tweaked back. Definitely time for a week off training.

Big thanks to Kyle’s parents for taping all of our attempts and Phil’s wife Erin for coming along and enduring the whole thing.

Meet PR’s – Boosh!

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