Yeah, I’m Kind of a Big Deal

… Or not. There’s a 135 for reps contest sponsored by the club this weekend. Yeah, chump change, I know. I figured I ought to at least have an idea how many times I could do this, and it was kind of fun.

competition grip bench: 225×3, 275×3, 315×3, 325×1, 335×1, 345xmiss, 135×30 I think I’m probably good for 40-50 when I show up on Saturday.

machine row: 125×10, 4, 2 rest-pause

lat pulldown: 18×8, 4, rest-pause

rolling extensions: 30×13, 40×15

hammer curl: 40×6, 45×6, 50×6

lat shrug: 30s isometric at bottom I used a pronated grip and I think that gives a little better stretch

pec dec: 175x30s isometric

This was one of those days where I did exactly what I railed against in my last post. I just kind of wandered around and dicked off. The only purposeful work I did ws the bench, machine row and lat pulldown. Everything else was pretty much just for funsies.

‘Till next time.

Yeah, I’m Kind of a Big Deal

One thought on “Yeah, I’m Kind of a Big Deal

  1. Marko says:

    hey i hear you are giving out weight club shirts to anyone that can bench press 135, if thats the case i won’t be able to make it but if the logo i made is on there you better save me a copy

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