“Good” Cardio Session with a literary Conor-Attack featuring more swearing than usual and a Mega Hottie

I showed up at the rec and there were a couple Chatty Cathy’s perched on my usual bike. I adapted and overcame and used the other bike. It had some kind of space-age screen like I was piloting a god damn intergalactic starship. I enjoyed that at first, what with the bright lights and buttons, but pretty soon I was pissed, what with the bright lights and buttons. Then, the heart monitor wasn’t working. I’ve noticed the heart monitor doesn’t work on many of the machines that get the most traffic, which pisses me off. Most people ignore the heart rate anyway and use the calorie counter, which is flagrant bullshit. Anyway, the Chatty Cathy’s were two moderately overweight women in their mid-to-late-20’s I’d guess. They were talking about their plan to lose weight, which I couldn’t help but overhear. Needless to say, I have doubts about the efficacy of their gameplan. Especially after they rode the bike with absolutely no intensity, then ambled away at a molasses-in-January-like pace to take a lap. Don’t get me wrong, I wish them the best, but to paraphrase Louie Simmons, you’re either predator or prey. Sometimes you need to sack up and bust ass to get the job done.

Anyway, I kept up a workrate between 150-160 watts for 30 minutes, which is about a 60% improvement in workrate and a 50% increase in duration. So, fuck yeah for me. I was sweating and straining pretty hard. Which reminds me, the guy on the other side of me, away from the Cathy’s, was doing some kind of sprints or something, because he would ratchet up the resistance as high as it would go so it was essentially an alternating unilateral leg press, then he’d do something else ridiculous for a while.

I got some good stretching in too. I really nailed my tricep stretch and switching to the one arm bicep stretch did a much better job. It occurs to me I forgot to do the wrist flexor stretch, but I suppose you can’t win ’em all. I’ve been really hammering my supine bridges and bird-dogs. I’m making sure to really hold the top of the bird-dog and using a slow eccentric.

That’s another pet peave of mine, people butcher the bird dog. It’s a great exercise, but people do it badly. First, they use lumbar hyperextension to get range of motion. You can see this pattern at 45 seconds in the video, notice the young lady’s lower back. Then they fail to execute the movement purposefully: with a hold at the top, contracting the quads to help inhibit the hamstrings, flexing the glutes, bracing the abs to keep a neutral spine and using a slow eccentric.

I hopped on my scale, fully expecting my weight to be hovering just outside the 275 limit, but I’m right around 265. This surprised me because:

  1. I started using creatine again, about 10 grams a day, so I fully expected that to put on some initial water weight.
  2. My average daily energy intake the last few days has been a touch over 4000 kcals. That seems like an awful lot.

Whatever, I guess I shouldn’t complain. Maybe I’m doing the Holy Trinity, getting stronger, gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time. Go me.

“Good” Cardio Session with a literary Conor-Attack featuring more swearing than usual and a Mega Hottie

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