WTF is up with my back?

I really don’t understand why I keep hurting my back. Well, I sort of do. The fact is, having one injury predisposes you to another, for multiple reasons. I think I just need to be careful as I appear to be injury prone.

I knew my back didn’t feel right during my warmup at 315. So of course I pulled another at 405 that felt worse. Instead of stopping there and continuing with my rep work, I belted up and pulled half a rep at 455, which fucked up my back. Goes to show you should always trust your body sense.

speed bench, narrow and wide 185x4x3

log press 185×8,2,2 rest-pause style

deadlift 315×1, 405×1, 455xouch

stretching, a ton of bird dogs and glute activation work

close grip chin-up 3×3

That’s pretty much it, because I didn’t have enough in me to do anything. Like a couple weeks ago, I’ll just not dwell on it, stay active and be fine to train next week.

My plan called for a deload this week, and circumstances have demanded that a deload it shall be. Probably no heavy squatting Friday either…

WTF is up with my back?

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