Conor, Your Little Cardio Queen

I didn’t get to use my real gym for cardio, what with it being Spring Break and all. So, I went to the rec and got my half hour in. I feel like this is progressing right along, although I’ve noticed my resting heart rate is pretty high, so I’m not actually working at that high a percentage of my heart rate reserve (HRR).

The HRR is a way of looking at how hard you’re working based on your heart rate, but taking into account that we have different levels of fitness. A triathlete with a resting heart rate of 55 bpm working at 150 bpm is clearly working harder than I am at 150 beats, because my resting heart rate hovers around the century mark. You physiology studs can refer to the Karvonen Formula.

Anyhow, I’m up to level 15 on the recumbent and I can maintain a heart rate around 150-160bpm for thirty minutes.

I saw a couple guys from the gym there, so I berated them for lifting weights at the rec. I mean, looking at Gym Hotties and riding the cardio equipment is one thing, doing actual strength training is quite another.

I did all my stretches, and played with the dumbbell tricep stretch until I found a way to do it that I like.

There was a gal working out on the bike next to me, and when she finished before me I noticed she had been riding the same duration as I intended to, but the calorie meter said she had only expended 140 calories. I have no doubt that that is inaccurate, however, compared to my 400 something, it made me feel like a real cardio stud. My ego was quickly deflated when I looked at the small lake of Conor Grease I left on the bike, while the lithe coed didn’t seem to even break a sweat.

Other than that, I saw the normal ensemble of Hotties, Inappropriate Under Armor Guys and a herd of folks on the Joint Jackers aka ellipticals.

Conor, Your Little Cardio Queen

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