Rep Work and Good Stretching

I got some decent rep work in tonight.

SSB good morning – 180×8, 240×8 That 240×8 was a big set for me, and I just didn’t feel like I had another heavy set in me. I could have dropped it down a bit and done a higher rep set, but I don’t like fooling around once my back gets fatigues.

hanging leg raises – 25x2x8

incline db press – 95’sx3x8 superset with

high bent rows 80x2x8, the last one I did one arm style on a bench, again, for 8 reps. The incline press was a good bunch of sets for me. I started out doing 80-85, so this is a definite improvement. I need to get it up closer to 150 though.

barbell extensions – 125x2x8, 135×8

reverse curl 95x7x5 superset with

barbell shrug 335x7x5

Then I did some of the same stretches I’ve been doing. I’ve decided I like using bands for the tricep stretch better than dumbbells, and I threw internal rotation with bands back in. I’ve also found a good quad stretch. You face an incline bench and put your shin on the seat.Then you sit back and put your weight down into the stretch.

Rep Work and Good Stretching

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