Rep Work Makes Me Hungry!

behind the neck press 95×25, rest pause, 85×25 rest pause superset with

lat pulldown 12×25, 13×25, rest pause

backwards, narrow SSB squat 150x2x25 superset with

leg curls 9x2x25 Man, these hurt.

EZ bar curls 75×10, 95x3x10, 105×10  superset with

dumbbell shrugs 105x5x10

I skipped all that extra external rotations and hip work tonight. I have started trying to do the extreme stretches from Dogg Crapp training. I have to say I think I’m failing at these miserably.

I’m looking forward to another two days of training and some cardio, then maybe a trip to Mississippi.

Rep Work Makes Me Hungry!

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