Friday Night Speed Work

Writing this I just inhaled two hot dogs from the cart vendor across the street from my favorite bar, after tanking a couple pitchers. It’s a good feeling. Super Dgs are probably the greatest invention ever. After eting a bunch of cilantro flavored stuff this week, I’ve bee craving what the Hot Dog Guy has.

explosive lunges 60x3x3, 70x2x3 superset with

slant board sit-up 5×3 I was supposed to do another set, but my abs felt really shitty, and I didn’t feel like I was getting into the right position on my lunges. All in all, I feel like it was a good choice.

bench press with three grips 205x6x3 superset with

lat pulldown 10x2x3, 13x3x3

preacher curl 95x3x10, 85×10 superset with

overhead shrug 205x4x10

I should incorporate some close grip pullups for my low-rep bicep work. Hopefully, with this note, I’ll remember…

Friday Night Speed Work

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