3×8, arms, etc.

SSB good morning 160×8, 210x2x8 Form was pretty loose on these, as Phil can comment.

hanging knee raises 20x3x8

45° inclince dumbbell bench 90x2x8, 90×7 superset with

high angle bent over dumbbell row 70×8, 75x2x8

barbell skull crushers 125x3x8 pretty loose form here, I think

standing reverse curl 95x5x5 superset with

dumbbell shrug 145x5x5

external rotations 20x2x15, pushup plus 2×15, forgot to do wrist extensions

hip add and abd 60x2x12

I’m feeling pretty strong right now, for what it’s worth. I really want to push it next week, I’ll probably make some more aggressive jumps in weight.

I also feel like I’m getting into shape, but I still huff and puff when I go up stairs. Maybe I need to rethink my extra conditioning work. I’m sure the back is getting stronger, and it’s hard to say, but I think the guns might be growing too…

3×8, arms, etc.

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