Chump Work

I did everything I hate tonight. Really, I was no better than the guys I make fun of for doing pussy workouts.  My stupid back held up fine until I tried to squat, and then I knew it was a no-go. So… I did leg extensions instead. I suppose I could have hoss’ed up and did some kind of unilateral work, but this is what I did.

behind the neck press 65x2x25 superset with

lat pulldown 7×25, 10×25 90 sec rest

So far so good…

backwards SSB narrow stance squat, heels elevated- oh shit, I couldn’t do these, so…

leg extension 6×25, 7×25 superset with

leg curl 8x2x25 90 sec rest

hammer curl 25x2x25 superset with

Safety Squat Bar Hise shrug 150x2x25

band x walks with two green bands, hip adductions

external rotations 20x3x10

Improvised reverse hypers off GHR – just to help out with this stupid back. I can’t wait till we get a reverse hyper.

Tonight really felt like a waste. Without the squats I just don’t feel like I did anything to justify being in the gym for so long, and I certainly don’t feel like I earned my postworkout drink.

I’m thinking I’ll try to do those squats tomorrow when Phil is in the gym and then do my stationary bike. If I can’t handle the squats, I’ll just do the bike and some mobility/stability drills.

Chump Work

3 thoughts on “Chump Work

  1. Nenad says:

    Also ur wesbites are great !! Hahahahahahaahah Marko and Sinisa cant stop watching i dunno but i think i am go tell them to use headphones hahahahahah

  2. conorattack says:

    Nenad, I sent Marko an email with a message for you and Sinisa too. Why don’t you guys send me an email back so I’ll have all of your email addresses.


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