Why Shouldn’t Major Spinal Surgery Be Elective?

I don’t understand why I can’t have a couple titanium rods shoved into my spine so I’ll stop having these back problems. After a PR triple in the SSB box squat, I tweaked out my back doing, are you ready for it?- Cable rows. Now, I’m sure I don’t have textbook form, but I don’t jerk and lean, so I’m not entirely sure what it was that did it. It might have been the extra tight setup I attempted on the board presses, I’m not sure. I’ll rest up and be good to go tomorrow.

medium stance Safety Squat Bar box squat 260×3, 270×3, 290×3, 310×3, 330×3 superset with

GHR – back elevated six inches 5×3 about a minute rest, but I loosened it up a little because the gym was so full tonight.

two board close grip press 275×3, 325×1, 315×2, 325×3, 325×3 superset with

cable row 210×3, 200x4x3

one arm reverse pressdown 30x5x3

ez bar curl 145×3, 145×2, 135x5x3 superset with

shrugs 285×3, 325x6x3

external rotation 25x3x6, 20×6

pushup plus 45x4x6

wrist extension  65x4x6

hip add/abd 85x4x6

I’m pretty happy with that triple with the safety bar, but I’m pretty down about tweaking my back. At this point I’m not sure what could be wrong with it, I haven’t had any back pain in months, even pulling deadlifts and I’m as strong as I’ve ever been. I can only hope it was a freak injury from being in a bad position, and not a product of something systemic.

Anywho, in the Hottie Report, there was womens intramural basketball tonight. Enough said.

Why Shouldn’t Major Spinal Surgery Be Elective?

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