More Cardio

God, I hate being in the rec. I’m honestly dreading when I leave school some day and face the risk of training in a commercial facility. I saw a pretty girl just wander from machine to machine and I thought “Damn, people really do that?” I mean, in the circles I run in, the worthlessness of machines and fru fru weights is non-debatable, laughable even. So it just struck me to be actually watching it.

I’m positive that this would not be the way to “get ripped”, incidentally. I look at all of these skinny-fat (skinny and small, not fat but definitely soft) coeds gyrating absentmindedly on cardio equipment, probably yearning for flat stomachs and I can’t help but feel like I should say something to them. This is why various intervals, circuits and what not have come into vogue for fat loss, it takes brief, brutally hard work to get the job done.

So why am I doing it if I believe it doesn’t do jack shit for fat loss? Well, for one, I’m not terribly concerned with fatloss and I know that even if I was, that battle’s won in the kitchen. Second, one of my favorite aphorisms is  “You can’t ride two horses with one ass.”  It’s better to separate your divergent goals into separate training cycles.

Anyway, I did 25 minutes on the bike, a touch over 100W workrate. That’s not very good, admittedly, and as I alluded to above, I’m not sure it even does anything. I just want to be able to walk up stairs without struggling for air and sweating like a whore in church.

I might even start throwing in a couple short bike sprints at the end of my training sessions. If I had access to one, I’d do some prowler push or sled drag instead, but what I have access to is a bike. I suppose I could do bear crawls or plate pushes ( courtesy of a Jeremy Frisch article) instead. I’ll try them out and see. If I wind up doing bike sprints, I might switch to a different kind of cardio on my off days, either stair stepper or rowing ergometer. I wish the rec had a VersaClimber I could use instead.

More Cardio

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