“Sets Over Three are Cardio” and Dairy-Lust

God, I hate rep work. These behind the neck presses killed me, I didn’t get a single set at the rep range I wanted. I should have used an empty bar, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’ll eat my Wheaties next week and make my rep range.

A1: Seated Behind the neck press  95×15, 75×15, 55×15

A2: Lat pulldown 10x2x25

B1: Narrow backwards safety bar squat, heels elevated 115x2x25

B2: laying leg curl 10x2x25

In the last couple months I’ve had three training sessions that made me fight back a mighty bolus of vomit. One was the first night I pulled rep deadlifts with Phil. The second was right after we got the Safety Squat Bar and I thought it was a good idea to do EDT lunges with it. The third was tonight after squats.

C1: DB hammer curl 40x3x10

C2: Safety Squat Bar Hise shrug 150×10, 200x2x10

Sometime during the curls and shrugs I started fantasizing about what I was going to eat after training. Somehow I settled on chocolate milk and the rest of the night I was jonesing for post-workout chocolatey dairy goodness. Then, to make matters worse, one of my powerlifting teammates, a 165 pounder, was talking about hitting a chinese buffet at our next powerlifting meet. You know, the kind of shitty midwestern buffet where everything is covered in sauce and tastes essentially the same. I’m even getting hungry writing it.

external rotations, pushup plus, wrist extensions 3×10

hip abduction and adduction, 45# dumbbell push, 3×9

If there’s something I hate as much as reps, it’s all this minor accessory work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s important and it helps keep you healthy and I don’t need to do it every single training cycle. The fact remains that it’s shitty and boring and nothing about it is satisfying in the least.

To make matters worse, there weren’t even any Hotties about, as there was a guys intramural basketball tournament. Nobody wants to see a bunch of skinny, scraggly dudes running around high-fiving each other. At least one of them fell down when I was watching, which was pretty hilarious.

I’m actually psyched about using the stair stepper tomorrow.

“Sets Over Three are Cardio” and Dairy-Lust

One thought on ““Sets Over Three are Cardio” and Dairy-Lust

  1. “sets over 3 are cardio” yes, yes, and yes

    if it makes you feel any better i’m 150lbs and i probably couldn’t finish a mile run in under 8:30 right now

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