Regularly Scheduled Programming

I think a lot of programs from magazines and stuff are pretty stupid. I also think they’re so popular because people are by and large clueless. That being said, I think Chad Waterbury is really spot on, and his programs were the first ones I ever used instead of my own. Now I think I’m actually strong enough to benefit from my favorite program of his, Quattro Dynamo.

I did make some substitutions, so I can’t say I’m following it to the letter. I made the 5×3 squat a medium stance box squat with the safety bar, and I’ll be using the safety squat bar for the rep-squat, good morning and lunge as well. I’ll just alternate between using it forward and backward. As long as I’m doing a four day a week training schedule I thought “What the Hell?” and added Waterbury’s Perfect 10 for biceps and traps.

medium stance box squat w/SSB 240×3, 260×3, 270×3, 280×3, 290×3, 6o  sec rest

GHR four sets level, one set with back elevated six inches 60 sec rest

barbell bench 225×3, 245×3, 265×3, 285×3, 295×3

seated cable row 200x5x3

one arm reverse grip pressdown 3x5x3

ez bar curl 125x5x3

barbell shrug 225×3, 275x4x3

external rotations, pushup plus,  wrist extensions

hip abduction, pushing a dumbbell sideways across the floor, 60lb

hip adduction with bands

I actually got out of the gym in good time because I actually timed these rest periods. I don’t think short rest periods are beneficial for normal max effort training, but I just ot done with a meet and I’ve got quite a bit of time before the next one, so I figured this was a good way to work on my conditioning and just turn my brain off and go with it.

Regularly Scheduled Programming

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