I want to sort of ease back into training and do some good ol’ fashioned conditioning work. Now, given the amount of walking I do to and from class, I don’t think I’m in that bad of shape for a 275 pound powerlifter. Then again, that isn’t saying very much.

I walked stairs on campus for 20 minutes. I walked four flights up, then rode the elevator down. Riding the elevator wasn’t just laziness, I did it because it eliminates most of the eccentric, increasing recovery and potentially limiting post-eccentric glucose intolerence, and makes the drill more like sled-pulling, which also lacks a loaded eccentric. At any rate, I’m sure it looked ridiculous.

By the end I felt pretty shitty, and my quads were burning. I definitely could have gone a little but harder and hurled all over, probably a testament to how bad my condition really is.

I’m going to improve my conditioning and come in stronger and leaner for my next meet.


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