My First Full Meet

I’m still awake, after driving through some pretty nasty weather and running on some [awesome] gas-station coffee, so I thought I’d share my first meet results.

I wound up going eight for nine, the only lift I missed all day was my third attempt bench press, which was just an overenthusiastic attempt.

I wound up going 435 (197.5)-335(152.5)-546(247.5) for a 1317(597.5) total at 264 and change, supporting a first place standing for our team.

It went pretty well and I’m particularly pleased that I made all my squats. My nerves were pretty bad going into it, and I feel like my squat is poised to improve greatly with this new infusion of confidence. My bench was uneventful, and I feel like training it has taken a back seat to squat and deadlift lately. On my deadlift I did something stupid and tweaked something in my groin during warmups. I can’t complain because I went on to pull a 30 pound PR, but it just goes to show that you shouldn’t change things at the meet.

There were some really big lifts and very good lifters. There were also a large number of high school lifters, which is surprising and encouraging.

I’ll post some more info and pictures later.

My First Full Meet

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