500 Pounds: Smashed

I finally hit a pretty decent set on the deadlift. I owe it all to training with Phil.

conventional deadlift 315×1, 405×1, 455×3, 475×3, 500×3 Last rep was kinda shakey because my left hand was giving… but I’m counting it.

Safety Squat Bar lunges – EDT, 60 pounds, 30 reps, 15 minute PR zone

incline dumbbell curl – EDT, 40#, 30 reps, 10 min PR zone

dumbbell shrug – EDT, 100#, 30 reps, 10 min PR zone

dip bar knee raises 2×25

It felt pretty good to hit that top set on deadlift. Seems like a lot of strength sports is just about knowing that you can hit lifts, not so much actually being able to do them.

500 Pounds: Smashed

2 thoughts on “500 Pounds: Smashed

  1. conorattack says:

    Post workout: The Reckoning

    two scoops protein powder
    cherry cordial from Little Debby
    Little Debbie donuts
    some milk
    two ham sandwiches
    ramen noodles

    I might have an iced coffee or something later.

  2. Philipk says:


    Thanks for the props but that was a big lift and you have been working hard. A good partner goes a long ways, I have noticed all of my lifts increase.

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