Bench Training and Auxillary Work

I started out tonight with some ME work with the axle. Actually, I’m not sure I would even call this ME work, as I didn’t really hit any big lifts or get that much volume. I wouldn’t call it a waste, but it wasn’t a home run either.

axle bench 75×1, 165×3, 215×1, 255×3, 305×3, 315×1, 325×1, 345xmiss Had some shady lift-off’s and really didn’t feel like pushing it tonight. Next week, it’ll be on like Michelle Kwan.

dumbbell bench – EDT 80#, 50 reps, 15 min PR zone

cable row – EDT 135#, 50 reps, 15 min PR zone

EZ bar curl – EDT 95#, 40 reps, 10 min PR zone

lateral raise – EDT 20#, 40 reps, 10 min PR zone

See my previous post on EDT if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

side abs on GHR bwx12, 10#x10, 25#x12

Little side-rant for you: We bought our GHR from Elite Fitness, while I think it’s the most basic model, it’s a solid unit. It was the first thing I ever bought for the club, and I’m particularly proud of it. Not only has the upholstery apparently suffered from some cowards mischief but someone wrote “Junk” on the description on the wall about how to use the machine. I figure it’s probably just some loser who can’t do a single rep and decided the GHR was a poorly designed back extension. Those kind of chumps are the reason there needs to be a sign up in the first place. They’re also the reason I look for ways to do more exercises on the GHR and stay in the dungeon-like room we have it housed in.

Graffiti is only cool if it’s clever or artistic; this was neither.

Bench Training and Auxillary Work

3 thoughts on “Bench Training and Auxillary Work

  1. Philipk says:

    Hey who did you have for a spotter?

    Did you notice that Kristen is now listed as single on her facebook account? You better go play Mr. Nice guy.

    Squats tonight?

  2. conorattack says:

    “Play” nice? I am nice. I don’t want to divulge my spotter’s identity, but I’d like to add that he was well intentioned.

    I might come in tonight. I was planning on training tomorrow night with one of our new club members, Markus, who’s also a powerlifter. I Googled his results, and he looks legit.

    I don’t know, I might come in tonight. I plan on free squatting and hitting some accessory work. It just depends on how badly I want to do homework tonight and on how tired I am after classes.

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