Pullin’ and Stuff

This was a heck of a training session. All I ate all day before training was protein powder. I bought this so-called “blender bottle” with a little ball-shaped whisk in it, and I ate a ton of protein shakes instead of the copious amounts of junk food I normally eat. Incidentally, Wheatsfield here in Ames had little baggies of soy lecithin, which is a really bas ass emulsifier and helps get supplemental fats dissolved in your shakes.

I threw in two sets of 8 GHR’s in my warmup tonight and then proceeded to:

conventional deadlift 315×1, 405×1, 450×5, 455×5, 465×5 This was a PR at5 reps.

Safety Squat Bar lunges EDT – 60 pounds, 18 reps in a 15 minute PR zone This was pathetic. I hope it’s because I spent a lot of time before my first set standing around with the bar on my back (like a minute or two) and I was just tired. Still, this shouldn’t have made me want to lay down on the floor between sets like it did. And which I did. I also don’t know if I’m using the SSB backwards or not. Regardless, it’s hard.

For those of you who don’t know, EDT or “escalating density training” is Charles Staley’s training system. It’s really cool, inherently goal based, self progressing and autoregulating. It’s good stuff.

Essentially, you just pick two non-competitive exercises, and do sets not near failure trying to accumulate as many reps as you can in a given time period. When you increase your reps, you can increase the weight.

Google it and read up on it, then find yourself a copy of Staley’s “Muscle Logic” which explains in-depth.

incline dumbbell curl EDT – 30 pounds, 29 reps 10 minute PR zone

dumbbell shrugs EDT – 80 pounds, 29 reps 10 minute PR zone

I intended on doing hanging pikes as my last exercise, but I didn’t have it in me, so I just did knee raises with the dip bars, three sets of 15 or so.

There were even some gals in the gym playing basketball, so in every respect it was a good training night. Also, Kristen must have updated her Ipod or something, because she had some bangin’ good tunes on the stereo.

After training, I had Chinese from Hyvee (an Iowa grocery store, FYI), along with an extra serving of fried rice and a can of “Chinese Fancy Mixed Vegetables” or somesuch. Rice and veggies, that’s healthy, right?

Pullin’ and Stuff

3 thoughts on “Pullin’ and Stuff

  1. Philipk says:

    Conor, your deadlifts looked good last night. Next week we are going to cut back to 3×3 but it’s going to be heavy and intense.

  2. conorattack says:

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to some heavier pulls. I finally ordered a belt from Inzer. I think they were dodging me, because I kept calling them and leaving my info and I never got a return call. I just went ahead and ordered a black belt and a red singlet. Are those Texas Tech colors? I might have to bitch slap anybody if they make that accusation…

    Hopefully I’ll get it by Friday and I can get it good and broke in for the meet.

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